Sunday, May 2, 2010

A good time, brought to you by me.

It's Friday night. J & I decide to head up to Carpools. There is a scene that we dig up there & so we are going with it. Unfortunately, J lost his ID & last time we couldn't get in because they card at the door after a certain time.

No biggie. We decide to get up there ASS early, before they start carding.

We pick our spot at the bar in front of the game machine. No laughing. I really enjoy playing those games. We order our obligatory red bulls & vodka. When J & I are tired we go out & drink those because honestly, it gives us wings. And, at some point in the night, brass balls. So, we're hanging & eating our greasy cheeseburgers. Aunt Helen's brother happens to be there. Aunt Helen is J's ex girlfriend. She's the girl that dumped J three months prior to us meeting. Basically, I was the "rebound" girl there.

Two years later...

J & surfer boy ex-girlfriend's brother are catching up & I find it incredibly creepy. What if Aunt Helen shows up? Ick. Luckily, she doesn't. And, we keep drinking. We're looking for someone in the bar to play with & it just so happens we are two of fifteen people there that night.

We have a shot. Or two.

Then, two cute girls come sit down next to us at the bar. You know how I heart me some cuties.

Another shot, please.

The girls go outside on the patio & I tell J we should split up. J & I have game. Oh yes, we are professionals at this game. I tell him to go outside & spark up a conversation with them while I finish my luck at the game. (I wasn't going to let 10 credits go to waste, or to the big guy sitting next to me)

About twenty minutes go by & I am out of credits. My interest has moved to bigger & better things. I sashay my hot looking ass (new, tight jeans) outside & I crack a smile. J is sitting down with the ladies & they are all having a great time. I sit down with my huge grin & one of the gals immediately says, "You must be HER!"

J has a good habit of meeting cute girls at bars & telling them all about ME! It's really cute. We pair off. My interest is towards the petite blond who I end up talking to for the next two hours. We have everything in common. And, I knew we were to be insta-friends. J is juggling chubby brunette with amazing dimples & surfer boy ex-girlfriend's brother. The drinks are flowing. The air is warm. And, I am enjoying my new friends.

Finally, around midnight, J claims it is time to go. When he is done, he is done. So, I exchange numbers with blondie & invite her out for dinner the next night. I had already planned a girl's night out with two of my girlfriends. She accepts & J & I exit bar plotting our midnight snack. I normally do not partake in post alcohol induced snacking because I'm constantly watching my figure. He drives through Wendy's.

When we get home J parks the car & we sing to each other for about 20 minutes. Doing ridiculous things like this reminds me of why we are so great for each other. We have this uncanny ability to release our stress & troubles in our every day life by doing simple things together like blasting the radio, dancing & singing, like teenagers.

We stumble inside happily greeted by our beautiful puppy. And, for a moment, all is right in my world.

The next morning I am greeted vigorously by a relentless hangover.

Ahhhhh, Lola Starr, this is your life!

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