Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ooooh, my baby's got a secret.

How open are you about your past? I mean, we've all done things in which we aren't exactly proud. How much of your shit are you allowed to actually keep stuffed inside your own closet? Are you obligated, for any reason, to share the sordid details of your past life to people with whom you have a relationship?

My answer is this:

If it directly affects your relationship, then yes, by all means spill the dirt. But if part of your past never touches anything you lay your future hands then, well, what is the point? If there is a chapter in your life that you want to rewrite then by all means, publish it!

Random Wednesday night thoughts, for a random Wednesday evening.


Just Julia said...

I totally agree. If its not hurting anyone..whats the point. Im new to this blogging stuff, but enjoy what you write :)Im a mom too..So I can relate.. Funny stuff!

The Working Girl said...

Love your blog! Too funny you posted this, I have a bad habit of revealing too much info about my exploits on my blog but hiding them from everyone I know. Oh well.

dyanna said...

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