Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three is the lonliest number.

Today's topic - threesomes.

I hate things in threes. Mo, Curly, & Larry. Jack, Chrissy (Terri) & Janet. The Jonas Brothers. God, especially the Jonas Brothers. Snort.

Threesomes are complicated. Someone always gets left out. Feelings get hurt. There is way too much effort in trying to keep things "fair" that you forget to just have some fun. And then what happens? People fight, get angry, get upset & throw Martian Matter all over each other.

And you thought this post was about sex, didn't you? Nah. Been there done that. This post is about Thing 1, Thing 2 & Lavagirl. Sigh. If you take one away the other two play blissfully. When you add the 3rd in to the mix all hell breaks loose.

Any suggestions?

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