Sunday, September 20, 2009

Expect the unexpected.

It's been a while since I wrote anything, but I've been busy. Last week I was at the school when I got a dreaded call. My Aunt Karen had passed away in her sleep the night before at the young age of 57. I left immediately for Texas for the next 6 days. It was not all sad times. I spent time with my cousins, sister, nephew, grandmother & enjoyed the beach & the bars. It was a trip of mixed emotions.

Then I get home to mass chaos, a messy house, my wonderful fiance, 4 amazing children & a week's worth of Kindergarten homework. The weekend has passed & all I managed to do today was recover from last night's good time with our friends, Hottie #1 & Weiner. We are crazy! Tomorrow I have 1,000 things to do before the kids get off the bus & Monday is their early day.

I need a calendar, a bulletin board, an assistant & groceries.


I will write soon. If I don't, please send the PTA to look for me.

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eednic said...

how much will you pay me to be your assistant? ;)