Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday random thoughts

1. Back when my life was full of drama, my blogs were funnier. Now, they are lame.

2. My shoulder hurts from lifting weights yesterday.

3. My personal trainer is a killer. See #2.

4. A few nights ago I had to most vivid nightmare where I drove my car into the ocean accidentally & couldn't get out in time. I woke up right before I drowned. Sigh. I hate these types of dreams because I tend to obsess about their meanings.

5. The babysitter is coming tonight so J & I can have a hot date.

6. I love pastrami.

7. Thing 1 has been seriously back-talking. I'm at a loss. She says things like no, so what & I don't care frequently. Cry. I washed her mouth out with soap last night for telling J no (while he was talking to her about telling me no) & she crossed her arms & said, "That doesn't taste like anything." Sigh, again.

8. I have polka dot toes.

9. J's birthday is next Wednesday so next weekend I'm taking him to Ocean City, MD for a nice, romantic weekend ALONE. And it also happens to be winefest on the beach! Yay!

10. If you made it through this list, have a great weekend!

1 comment:

eednic said...

ooo! dream analysis! i love that shit!

here's my very vague interp, based on nothing but what you typed:

you're the one doing the driving, yes? and you're driving yourself into a large, overwhelming mass of it water, or whatever. which means whatever it is that is suffocating/killing you, you have control over it. because you're the one driving. the trick is to stop before you get to that point where you feel like you are drowning and can't get out. perhaps this dream is telling you to be aware of something big happening in your life and what consequences it may lead to. or you could just be afraid of this "big thing" and that it will eventually make you feel that way.