Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ms. Starr goes to Washington

That's right. I went in the 90 degree April heat with a bunch of insane 5th graders on a bus with no air conditioning.

A few weeks ago the Boy asked me if I wanted to accompany him on his field trip. At first I was over the moon because I thought he asked me first. However, he did not. He did invite his dad first. (which I quickly got over) He may have asked his mother for all I know, but her work schedule is not as flexible as mine. So, I win. I get to go. Wooo hoooo.

The trip was to the Smithsonian Natural History museum. I was excited because I had never seen the Hope diamond. AND, they have a really neat exhibit on forensics. They even have skeletal remains of fetuses, which is very disturbing. However, very interesting...

So, I get to the school & start hanging out with another mom. I'm obviously younger than all of the moms & it's a little awkward. I was only 20 when the Boy was born. Para. This mom was cool & she was actually the mom of one of the Boy's friends. So, we're chatting & she asks how long we had been married. Well, duh, we're not married, but the Boy refers to me as his step mother anyways. I hated having to explain my life to a complete stranger, but she kept asking me questions. Wugh.

Then, I meet the Boy's teacher who is young, cute & pregnant with TWINS! I give her my brief spiel about how awesome it is to have twins & that after the first year she will get to sleep a little bit. Snort.

I get on the bus & the Boy wants me to sit with him. I was surprised, but it was nice. So on this bus we are surrounded by obnoxious 10 & 11 year old boys. They were noisy, annoying & rambunctious. I sat there quietly thanking the Gods that my "son" was well-behaved.

We get there & I am in charge of a group of 4. One boy keeps calling the Boy the spoiled rich kid who only cares about skateboarding. I think he was being affectionate, but can't say for certain. We are not rich, for sure! And, well, the rest is probably true. Snort. Then I had the girl who thought it was cool to say shit in front of me. And another girl who was desperately trying to get out of my group & in to the group with her BFF. Ah, to be 11!

I bought my group candy from the gift shop only to be outdone by another mom who bought her group ice cream. WTH?

An hour & a half later we had seen all the exhibits we wanted & it was time for lunch outside on the curb in the hot sun. Oh the joy. Why did I wear jeans?

We got home & I was exhausted.

In fact, I'm still tired. But, I had a great time & I know the Boy was grateful that I was on my best "cool mom" behavior.

Until next time.

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