Friday, April 17, 2009

And the man with the golden gun

thinks he knows so much.

Sometimes a little Tori Amos interlude is a good thing.

My dad's wife is a bitch. Unfortunately, I won't give her the satisfaction of telling this to her face (ahem, inbox) since I don't want her to know that I care about her either way.

My nephew, Colt 45, has fever induced seizures. And, when Colt 45 was about a year old, my sister wrote my dad a letter asking him for his family history due to the seizures. Naturally, my dad never got the letter.

It's been 8 or 9 years since we last had contact with my dad & Step Bitch. Obviously, she doesn't really want him to be a father to us & probably never has. This explains the fact that he only contacted us as children when they were separated. And, we did have contact after our mom died for about a year, but that ended with a horrible family vacation to Colorado. Step Bitch got drunk & declared her hatred for our mother... who had been dead for more than a year. Then she proceeded to jump in the hot tub & make out with some dudes 1/2 her age. Yep, she's a winner. I give her two thumbs down.

Anyways, in an email exchange my sister just had with my dad she asked about the seizures & the letter. I assume he forwarded it to his wife, asked about the letter & they went back & forth in an email exchange.

Next thing you know, Sister conveniently gets cc'd an email from my Step Bitch to my dad...

Did u tell Sister about her mom's seizures when drinking alcohol???

She was very careful to cut out her entire email exchange with my dad, but decided to copy Sister on that part?

And yes, my mother was an alcoholic. When she passed away she had been sober for 12 years. Do we need another painful reminder of this? And what the fuck do fever induced seizures have to do with seizures from drinking too much? And what does it possibly do for you to hate on a dead woman?

I created a response to Step Bitch in my head & it went something like this -

Thing 1 fell down the stairs last night. I guess you should tell about the times my mom was so wasted that she could hardly walk!


Anita said...

yeah it was witchy of her.... But I have bigger fish to fry.. im so over her and it. :)

Love You!

crazycase said...

Ugh, I would be livid. Sorry she's such a bitch :(