Monday, April 13, 2009

The Mourning Dove

When my life changes, the dove calls. And, today I've heard him twice. Once when I dropped the twins off to their dad's & once when I was walking to get my lunch.

Some things to pay attention to when Dove appears:

People often find that unexpected and unseen support and assistance comes when they need it most.

Travel is often indicated when Dove appears prominently, and this may include relocation to a new home.

A death, either physical (of someone one knows or is close to) or symbolic (within the individual) may occur and while it may bring grief, there is also quite often a sense of relief and gratitude that suffering has finally ended and peace will soon be at hand.

A new relationship may begin or an old one rekindled.

The ways and means of leaving a destructive or difficult situation is at hand. Life is about to become much more peaceful and satisfying on all levels.

Essentially it's about fresh starts, releasing emotions, moving on, letting go & the beginning of something new (or rekindling of something old).

Well, today I spoke to my father for the first time since 2001.