Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall is here & I'm back to blogging again.

It's fall. And, things are changing & I don't just mean the leaves.

I just returned from Texas. Oh, the great state of Texas! It started as a birthday trip for J & it turned in to I get to go to Texas to help go through Nana's house & emotionally divide up her life between me, my sister, my cousin, my aunt & my uncle. Fun, eh?

The good news is that I am inheriting a beautiful oriental rug & Nana's Grandfather clock. The bad news is that I am not getting the mink. And, although I have never been one for animal fur, I could really pull off that look. However, another family member decided she needs the mink that doesn't fit over her boobs because South Texas gets so cold that I guess she needs it for warmth. Having big boobs does not keep you warm in those bitter cold Texas winters & so, I'll just buy my own set of big boobs, I guess.

I refuse to be petty, so instead of trying to reason with her, I'm just going to put it in my blog. Ha. Not petty. No way. Me, never?

I did enjoy hanging out with my cousins & going to the local watering hole for a fun, drunken night. I truly do have some of the best cousins EVAH! I also had some quality time with my sister & my nephew. I also made up with my brother-in-law after the rich & snobby nonsense that we both took a little too far after my wedding. Some people break bread when they forgive each other. We went to CHED & smoked a peace pipe.

Settling my Grandmother's estate is hard & has been a very emotional experience. I am truly blessed to have been left with more money than I will probably ever have in my lifetime, but I would gladly give that back & my right arm to have both of Grandparents alive & healthy.

Double sigh. It's going to be a rough winter. And, I don't mean because I am minus one mink coat.

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