Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Swine Flu update

Both girls have been fever free for 12 hours. Knock on wood, but they may be beating this shit. I hope so, because I'm tired of not being able to love on them & they are tired of watching movies & coloring in their room. I just want to cuddle with them in my bed, but with this being so contagious I've had to keep my distance. Because let's be honest, if I got sick who is going to take care of this house? Snort.

So far, I'm still healthy. J is fine & so are the Boy & Lavagirl. I hope it stays that way!

I have had very little sleep, though. I'm up every 2 hours checking temps & giving out meds. The night before last I got 2 hours of sleep. So, since the girls are still sleeping I am going to go rest.

I leave you with this -


Anonymous said...

Kiss and hugs to the girls, hope everyone gets well soon. We have our own sick shit here too.

Miss you,

chasd said...

I thought wow and sheep pellets
Sassafrass! I do not if that is spelled the same as the bushes I used to have to cut but I think so. I said sheep pellets because I remember my grandmother talked about an old cold remedy made with boiled sassafrass root and sheep pellets. The thought they would do such I thought back then would scare away any cold or other virus. Enjoyed your little blog sounds like from it your an Okie near the Broken Bow Area.,,or Ouchita Mnts. not sure of the spelling. Well have a great day!

Michaela said...

As bad as it was suspected, the swine flu did not spread yet. Incidentally, the video is well done. Some friends of mine had had syntome only the typical flu.