Monday, October 19, 2009

Fear of the Pig

This morning as I was explaining to J that Type A could be H1N1 I found myself spouting out a wealth of useless knowledge on the subject. And then, I started forming opinions... uh oh.

I now have it figured out. They don't test you specifically for H1N1 because they don't want to have reported cases of people who survive the swine flu. They like to wait until someone gets sick & hospitalized to test them for H1N1. This way they can publicize it all over the media how serious the swine flu can be. And, if they report all the people (like my 5 year old daughters) who probably do have it & are going to survive it just fine they won't be putting the FEAR OF THE PIG in to the world.

And it pisses me off. Yesterday I was so scared shitless that my kids were going to get so sick from the swine flu. Yes, they are sick. And no, we aren't taking lightly. But, they are in their room eating chips & watching a movie. Thing 2 has been fever free since 1am. But, I fully expect it to come back around, again. That's the sickness.

And guess what people? I'm probably going to get it. I have worn my mask, washed my hands, taken airborne, popped vitamins, sprayed the doorknobs with Lysol & dried my hands out with hand sanitizer. I have 4 more days to wait until I know for sure.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

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