Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So mad I forgot to title.

I am so upset right now. And, I'm angry at J. He's accusing me of turning things in to a competition, but he's the one who does it. If I mention ANYTHING about his ex-wife he goes apeshit. But, I'm sorry. After this morning's incident I had to come home & say something to him.

We're all at the bus stop when EX-WIFE pulls up with the kids. The boy jumps out & Lavagirl does not. I go open the door & she's still eating breakfast. Her hair's a mess & her outfit is crumpled. Obviously, she just woke up. Unless you've been living under a rock you know that Lavagirl does not function well after just waking up. It takes her at least 1/2 hour to an hour to ditch the crabby attitude. Nothing wrong with that... it's just her. She will be very clingy in this time & this morning was no different.

She threw herself on the ground, stomped her feet & screamed for her mother who was trying to leave. EX-WIFE got out, hugged her & tried to leave again. It got worse & by this time the bus was waiting for Lavagirl to get on it. (Kindergarteners on first!) I looked at EX-WIFE as Lavagirl is screaming & said, "She can't get on the bus like this!" To which she responds, "She's fine!" & she puts her on the bus.


No child deserves to go to school upset. It's not fair. Do I know what is wrong with Lavagirl? I think so. She doesn't spend enough time with her mother. That & they don't wake up in enough time. Why is it so hard to get up at 7am??

J thinks I compare my ex's house to his ex's house & honestly, there is no competition. I do expect J to say something to his ex-wife about today's incident. If I do it I will lose my fucking cool because I would NEVER put my baby on a bus when they were that upset.

And, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER WOMAN! You have your kids every other week. Suck it up, go to bed earlier & set your fucking alarm so they don't look like ragamuffins when they leave your fucking house.

/end rant

It's my day to volunteer in Lavagirl's class this morning. Hopefully she'll be in better spirits! Love, love, love.

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