Friday, December 18, 2009

Why did I stop blogging?

Really. Why?

Because I'm lazy. I have been so busy doing real life things that I usually spend about an hour online a day. That's a far cry from the 19 hours a day I used to spend surfing the web. So, here I am.

What's new in the world?

The boy is now 12 & turning in to a teenager in front of my eyes. Mood swings, included. He yelled at me yesterday & my feelings were really hurt. I should just learn that there will be a lot more of that to come. Sigh. But, he is still the apple of my eye & he still shows me I'm important to him in his own ways. His new nickname for me is CT. (camel toe) Snort.

Lavagirl is doing great in school & she enjoys that I spent a lot of time in her classroom volunteering. Last night she told me she was not a fan of Charnay wine! I'm not sure where she got that from, but she makes me laugh. She does really appreciate one on one time with me & even though I don't get to do that often, we have a great time when we do. Last night the twins were at their dad's so Lavagirl & I reenacted Bolt. I was mom, she was Penny & Sybil was Boltie! And then we sang Christmas carols at the top of our lungs while she took a shower. Good times.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 are great. Thing 1 got glasses & she looks beautiful in them. I am so grateful for my beautiful, smart little girls. They are growing up way too fast & their 6th birthday is just around the corner. And, even when they drive me batshit crazy I just look at them & remind myself how lucky I am.

J & I still have some issues, but we're both trying. More often then not we let the stress of every day life get in the way of our relationship. Today he asked me if I would consider seeing a counselor with him & I agree that we probably need that. I need to stop being so angry & he needs to stop taking his stress out on me. We'll get there. I hope.

And, apparently, last night J went to his Grandfather's house to fix his TV & his Grandfather started talking about how much he likes me. He's going to give me his wife's Mercedes when he buys her a new one next year. I'm not holding my breath, but damn, that'd be sweet. Rich people are funny.

Last but not least here is our holiday card this year. I will get them in the mail today to my family so at least they'll get them by New Years. Until next time...

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