Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pretty good year...

Happy 2nd day after Christmas. Yes, I'm done with this holiday & ready to move on to January. But, before I do I must write my list of accomplishments this year. That's another blog for another day.

This blog is about our holiday. Not only did I get a Christmas cold & a cold sore to go with it, but I got diamond earrings, new work out shoes & clothes, a new (used) car, a bunch of happy children, drinky at a hockey game & a trip to Texas! And J's 1,000 dollars in cash from his rich Grandparents will be our spending money. Woot!

I'm sitting on this couch feeling like crap & I have a house to clean, six people to pack for & a plane to catch on Tuesday where I will spend 7 glorious days in a warm climate. The only sad part is we are not taking our puppy, Sybil, & she will be rooming with a friend & her dog. And, I'm okay with that because she just farted & man does it smell!

So instead of doing anything productive I'm going to cheer on the Cowboys in an hour while they take on the Redskins. Should be fun!


Casey said...

I miss our talks and I hoping you are having a great time in Texas with your family. We need to reschedule our little date that we had in October that I canceled. I lover you <3

LadyHawk said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, hope your trip went well.

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