Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A day in the life...

Woke up, peed. J wakes up & takes the d.o.g. outside. I get up & enjoy the fact that it's already 7:36 & the twins slept at their dad's house so I don't have to wake them or dress them. They walk in the house 4 minutes later & I give them each a donut. (bad mom, I know, but J bought them as a surprise) They eat, potty, we re-do their hair & I look up & it's almost 8. I run downstairs, step in dog poop with my bare foot (thanks Sybil) & call out for help. J runs downstairs to help me get some of it off of the bottom of my foot so that I can walk upstairs to clean the rest in the bathtub. Just as I finish up I see it's after 8 & we gotta go! The girls & I run to the bus stop & the bus is pulling up to the stop. They get on the bus & I contemplate blowing off my morning at the school. I get home & make some toast in the oven which burns while I'm out back coaxing Sybil to come back inside after her great escape to the neighbor's yard. I toss that toast out & start over as I open my laptop & email Mrs. Teacher & tell her I'm feeling "under the weather".

I sit down, eat my toast, drink my OJ & enjoy my peace & quiet. Now, I think I'm going to nap.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Let's schedule lunch next week.