Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random daily thought

First of all, I had way too much fun last night. A hotel, two interesting cab rides, two lounges & two clubs, way too much liquor & I'm surprised I'm still alive. By the way, my friends think I'm more fun on liquor. No wine for me last night. Well, until the VERY end of the night. Snort snort!

Seriously, we were out with some friends who happen to be another couple. We were talking about facebook. I am absolutely addicted & even look at it from my Blackberry. All.the.time. Interestingly enough, they made a pact to not use facebook. (or myspace, etc) Evidently there is a statistic that states it is the cause of a lot of break ups in relationships.

I think I'm going to look that up. And then, I may have to delete my facebook account.

What on Earth will I do next?

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eednic said...

what? srsly? facebook causes break-ups? maybe for people who were going to cheat anyways! >:O erik isn't on facebook. he's too busy. but i LOVE Wordscraper (the scrabble-esque game) and it's one of the reasons i like facebook so much.