Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's 9:28pm. Do you know where your kids are?

Happy Birthday Toothless! He's 7, today. He is awesomely sweet & lives next door. In true celebratory fashion he wanted a sleep-over & tonight, he gets it. At my house...

Thing 1, Thing 2 & Lavagirl are beside themselves. They are all upstairs watching Shrek as I sip my glass of wine & smoke my cigarette out on the front steps. J'Michael is feeling rough so he's asleep. The Boy is next door with Ka-leeb hanging out until he gets kicked out. And, even though Lavagirl has to brave the bus at 7:30am for her summer school studies I am still not veto-ing a sleep-over. In fact, she's supposed to be at her mom's tonight, but you know what? Summer only comes once a damn year.

Call me a bad mom or call me the best, but my kids are happy. And even if I have to chaperone this one solo, I'm okay. These children have earned their night of fun... even though they drove me batshit crazy in Target earlier today.

I dot com.


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