Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baaaaaaa baaaaaaa baaaaaa I'm a sheep!

Last night we went out to dinner for J's brother's birthday. It was me, J, brother, his wife & our next door neighbors. We went to eat at Texas de Brazil which is a South American steakhouse type place. (think all you can eat meat) For 44 dollars a person you can eat until you puke.

It's actually quite good.

And, J & I were drinking wine. What's a birthday celebration without a bottle of wine & some creme brulee? Comment cards. They complete any fabulous birthday dinner. Snort.

Our server was fabulous & charged us an 18 percent gratuity. He made bank that night! Anyways, he passed out these comment cards to us to fill out at the end of the meal & since we had all been drinking we obliged. Naturally, I was feeling spontaneously quirky so I wrote:

NORM MAYNARD IS MY DAD on my comment card. And actually, he is my dad. And, he is a construction manager for this restaurant chain. And, I thought I was being funny. He doesn't even live in Northern VA. He lives in Texas.

It was all snickers & snorts until I got an email from my dad this morning. The general manager of the restaurant scanned my comment card & sent my dad an email saying he didn't know I was coming in, but wanted him to know that I was there.

My dad forwarded this to me saying next time I got there to call this GM of the restaurant & he'll take care of me.

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