Wednesday, July 1, 2009

From single mom to stay at home mom

I haven't done the stay at home mom thing since my girls were 2. And, here I am spending my summer with 4 of the most insane children.

I have Thing 1. She's really sweet, cuddly & pretty laid back... until you piss her off. Watch out! She will give you her angry face & trust me, you won't like it. Most of the time she's happy go lucky & a lot of fun to snuggle.

Then there is Thing 2. She's really sweet, cuddly & not so much laid back. She's more like the little boss. Miss Priss. Prima Ballerina. Diva. You get the idea. She's very manipulative when she wants to be, but so beautiful that you can't help but fall in to her trap.

Next comes Lavagirl who is a lot like Thing 2 minus the cuddly part. She whines. A lot. I'm not sure if it's a phase or what, but it's going to be a long summer to go with her lengthy syllables. Dad becomes Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaad. You get the idea.

Thing 2 & Lavagirl butt heads often & Lavagirl & Thing 1 leave Thing 2 out on a regular basis. The power of 3. Snort.

Then is the Boy. He's harmless enough until he doesn't get his way. Then welcome to your own private pout party until he does! Please note he doesn't like to help with the girls unless he's getting paid, but I'm not really sure I blame him.

Those are my kids. Now moving on to my extras -

Toothless. He's almost 7, lives next door & has all 3 of the girls fighting for his affection. One minute he's Thing 1's boyfriend & the next he's Lavagirl's boyfriend. Thing 2 is too much of a diva to care about that, but they all love him & he loves to sleep over.

Ka-leeb. He's 14, the Boy's bestie & grounded for most of the summer for doing something very foolish at school that landed him suspension & possible expulsion. He is the older brother of Toothless. He's not a bad kid... in fact he's a very sweet kid. He's good with the girls, he takes my trash out & sometimes he does my dishes. More than once I've wished he was mine & then I'm reminded about the possible expulsion.

Now, I'm off to fold laundry & pack for our weekend trip to the lake. Bye bye now!

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You make me laugh ;)