Sunday, March 27, 2011


Now that I have your attention, listen.

Listen very, very closely.

Do you hear me?



No, really, I haven't driven off the deep end of reality, but I did do something I never thought I'd ever do in five million years....

Do you want to know what it is???

I will tell you...

if you listen.

So, last night J & I went out to a club in DC. It's our new favorite spot. And, every Saturday night there is a theme. Last week it was St Patrick's Day night & I wore a Catholic school girl outfit. This week it was Spring Fever & bathing suits were optional. Now, I left the house is jeans & a really cute backless shirt. I stuffed my teeny bikini in my purse thinking MAYBE I would wear it, but probably not. Well, a few drinks in to the night & a request from a new friend, I changed in the ladies room & put on my teeny bikini.

I wore a bikini in public. And, even though I have worn it to the beach to get a tan, I wore a mom suit to the public indoor pool earlier in the day. Because, well, wearing a teeny bikini while playing with your children in the indoor pool where there is absolutely NO SUN seems ridiculous to me. And, considering who I seem to run in to at the indoor pool, I am glad I didn't try to pull that off... It was sufficiently strange enough without having to worry about things popping out. Snort.

But, yeah, I put on the teeny bikini, coupled it with my killer heels & strutted around the club with a small onset of lookers...

Who am I? Who have I become? What has come over me?

You know what? After YEARS of struggling with my body image, I am finally comfortable with what I have. I instruct aerobics for fuck's sake (yeah, we aren't all stick figures, I swear) & I did get quite a few compliments last night in my teeny bikini. Hell, I've birthed twins & I am PROUD to be able to wear a bikini in public PROUDLY. Did I mention the word of the day is PROUD?

Please do not confuse this with me thinking I still can't stand to lose a few or tone up a bit, because let's face it, that's always an option. But, it feels good to just let go of your inhibitions & DO THE DAMN THING!
Until next time...


Casey said...

Whoo hoo for bikini's!

Fechangku Chen said...

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