Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh MJ, how I love thee, let me count the ways.

1. You drove to Northern VA to see me. Enough said.

2. It was like old times. Drink too much alcohol, stay up way too late, lazy as shit Saturday mornings & I still pick up after the kids, immediately. OCD, much?

3. You tell stories like I blog. You are funny. You are awesome. And, had you wanted two hashbrowns I would have sprung for them, but instead we shared oatmeal.

4. SHOTGUN! Snicker, snicker, snicker, snort.

5. The 15 year old boy that slept over loves you, too.

6. Douche bag, anyone?

7. For once, we did not run out of beer nor did we need to make a beer run at 11:35pm.

8. I am now addicted to Basketball Wives. Thank you for turning me on to something new. That isn't the first time that has happened. Insert paranoid face here.

9. You give great head. I mean therapy. Yeah, therapy. I feel very theraputic.

10. I have a blast when I am with you even if I chase after you with a bottle of windex in one hand & a broom in the other. Please come back to visit soon. I heart you 5 million.

For you, my heart.


MJ said...

My Dick...

Casey said...

Three things:

MJ is awesome!

I am not a douche!

You two are sexy drunks, where's the pics?