Monday, June 14, 2010

Now I lay me down, in front of a Lifetime movie.

Yesterday was glorious. I did almost absolutely nothing. J & I went out Saturday night with Hottie #2 & ended up spending yesterday hungover. Yes, we are getting old. And, no, this blog isn't about Saturday night, although, it was wild.

I just want to pause from this blog to share a laugh with you. I'm watching (don't laugh) Saved by the Bell this morning & I'm completely outraged by Zack Morris' shirt. It's denim, has a tribal print on the back & completely matches his jeans. Not to mention, he is wearing white tennis shoes. I may be laughing all week about this.

Anyways, Sunday, as I was not getting up off of the couch for anything, I was watching this Lifetime movie that hit really close to home. It was about a high school girl whose friends turned against her & started bullying her. I know, it was just a movie, but she even tries to overdose on her mom's sleeping pills. It really hit too close to home.

Not many people know it, but I went through something very similar when I was in 7th grade. I don't remember why, but my clique of friends turned against me & a few of the "bigger" girls started harrassing me in the hallway. I was getting teased, pushed & I was frightened to go to school To complicate matters, my mom was in rehab & I was living with my less-than-understanding Grandparents.

I started cutting myself. I would use my compass to take the plastic off of my disposable razor & I'd use the razor to cut myself. I also contemplated suicide & even wrote a suicide letter. When my mom got home, she went through my room & found everything. I ended up in a hospital where I finished 7th grade while getting the psychiatric help I needed.

I know that it was just a movie, but it really sparked up a lot of memories I have about what happened to me. After I completed my 90 days in the hospital while finishing up 7th grade, I spent the rest of my summer in an outpatient treatment. I learned to stand up for myself & when I started 8th grade, needless to say, I did not have the same issues. I do feel for those who went through something similar, because no child should ever be afraid to go to school.


Casey said...

At least one or two lifetime movies always hit home. I totally know where you are coming from. Bullies suck ass.

Alegra said...

What was this movie called? It seems like an interesting movie.

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