Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The first step in turning this ship around.

I quit my job today. I have had enough of being somebody's bitch.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Sometimes you give & you do & you think that in the end you'll get something in return. And, sadly, you find out that you never will.

I've learned this lesson half a dozen times in my life, but this one was significantly different. On my way to the office this morning I was on the phone with J. We were pouring our hearts out to each other. His Grandfather was hit by a truck yesterday & not doing well. He's stressed. I'm stressed. We were attempting to work through an issue. Hurricane D called me twice while I was on the phone. I finally called her back.

She immediately went off on me. I calmly told her (through my tears) that today was not a good day for the attitude because of the situation. She didn't bother to ask if J's Grandfather was okay before she asked me to jump again. And, as usual, I asked, "how high?"

Well, the hours go by & I'm already worn out. I knew I couldn't take her today. I asked her to let me be. I have two listings I'm trying to get on the market. I've not been paid in months. I'm busting my ASS & juggling a 6 person household. It's fucking tough.

She called. She got mad. She told me she was disappointed in what I had done (after giving me random stuff to do & saying I wasn't that busy). She hung up on me.

I cried. A lot.

I wrote her an email telling her I would see my two listings through FROM HOME THIS SUMMER & phase myself out.

Step one to self happiness.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do or where I'm going to work or even if I am, but I know that I have a good man standing beside me through this & really, that's what counts.

How many of you are surprised by this?

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